5 Ways Technology and AI Tools Can Help You Become a Better Essay Writer

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We live in a world of digital technologies, which greatly facilitate working with texts and the learning process in general. Artificial intelligence tools can be an excellent help for essay writers who need more knowledge and skills to do it successfully. AI provides many ways to improve writing skills and help writers become more efficient. This article will discuss how artificial intelligence and other technologies can help you become a good essay writer.

Ways to Improve Writing Skills Using Technology and Artificial Intelligence

College students face various daily writing assignments that require academic knowledge and high writing skills. Most students get stressed and spend a lot of time completing tasks from the teacher since writing a successful essay is a responsible and tricky mission. Suppose you have received an academic assignment from a professor and, for some reason, cannot do it yourself. In that case, you can turn to essay writers at EssayShark company and eliminate worries and difficulties. 

Professional specialists are ready to take on tasks of any complexity and do them quickly. Experienced experts have a doctorate, many years of experience working with similar missions, and are native speakers. Suppose you want to use the help of technology or AI. In that case, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the best program options to provide quality assistance in writing a successful essay.

Grammar checking tools

Paying attention to spelling and grammar is essential when writing a quality essay. Many students often make errors in the text, undermining their reputation and worsening academic performance. At the moment, there are a large number of programs that help identify spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors in a document. Examples of such tools are Microsoft Word and Grammarly, and these platforms help identify and correct errors in your essay by offering several word replacement options. By using these programs, you can ensure that your papers are readable, clear, and professional.

Programs for writing style recommendations

For some students, writing a successful essay takes a lot of work. This is due to the need for more sufficient knowledge and high writing skills. Luckily, there are tools online that can help you not only correct grammatical errors but also those that can help you create high-quality, well-structured documents. 

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AI powers programs like ProWritingAid and Hemingway Editor, providing practical writing style guidance for students. These applications have a simple and intuitive interface that a beginner can easily understand and an excellent design that promotes comfortable use of the functions. The programs help students structure essays, eliminate verbosity, express thoughts clearly, create correct sentences, and do everything to ensure their writing is high-quality and exciting. In addition, each application has detailed instructions in case you need help figuring out how this or that option works.

Tools for detecting plagiarism

In addition to competent and structured writing, teachers, and admissions committee members pay attention to the document’s uniqueness. Plagiarism is a relatively severe academic offense that carries negative consequences in the form of deterioration of reputation and grades in college. Once you have completed your papers, use plagiarism detection tools such as Copyscape, Turnitin, and others to ensure your essay is original and unique. 

5 Ways Technology and AI Tools Can Help You Become a Better Essay Writer

These programs identify sources of plagiarism and offer users recommendations for correct citation. Having seen unoriginal proposals, correcting these errors and re-checking the document immediately is the best option. Remember that an essay that contains a large percentage of plagiarism is automatically considered unsuccessful, and you are sacrificing your academic performance. Try using only reliable sources with verified and up-to-date information and express your thoughts correctly.

Citation and Research Tools

Often, conducting research and citing correctly becomes too challenging for students across different majors. No matter what subject you must write an essay on, proper research and citation are essential to success. Students now have easy access to technology that can help them conduct quality research and cite sources, resulting in high scores from their professors. 

Examples of such tools are Zotero or Mendeley, which can help you collect necessary information from reliable sources and create citations in various styles. You can select a specific citation style, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and others, and create a bibliography here. These tools allow students to bypass the time-consuming process of searching for information and checking sources and, in just a few minutes, generate materials and create compelling citations that match the desired style.

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Content generation programs

It’s no secret that before you start writing an essay, you need to brainstorm and think about options for ideas. Many students have difficulties at this stage because they need more knowledge and skills to do this successfully. In this case, AI-based content generators or tools like AI-Writer and Content Idea Generator come to the rescue to help develop exciting essay ideas and overcome writer’s block among students. 

These programs offer several options for topics on which you can write a compelling essay and help you create an outline for the document so that it is logical and structured. Sentences like these are great lifesavers for students facing writer’s block or, for some other reason, cannot independently develop an incredible idea for their essays. However, it is essential to remember that when using tools to help you write documents, you need to take some pictures, but despite this, try to complete the task yourself without sacrificing your academic integrity.

Students face various writing assignments daily during college, and many need help to write the papers successfully. We live in a world of digital technology, which is full of tools that greatly facilitate the learning process. The above programs allow students to cope with tasks of any complexity and make their essays high-quality and successful. You should choose an application based on your needs and the actions that need to be performed. We have described the five best applications that can help you improve your writing skills, but despite their usefulness, remember that each tool is only a study assistant and not a full-fledged replacement. Remember that after writing papers, you should always check the document, correct errors, and ensure it meets the academic requirements.

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