The Best Session Projects to Try with Friends

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Not all players have the time or desire to spend a large amount of time on full-fledged online projects, even with friends.

Instead, you can go for session projects, which introduce interesting gameplay and tactics, but are played out differently each time and a new match is always a new and interesting story.

5 Best Session Projects to Try with Friends

1. Valorant

A relatively new project from Riot Games, which should displace, or take at least part of the popularity from CS GO and the future CS 2, which will be released at the end of September.

An interesting point is that Valorant borrowed many mechanics from CS GO, such as the economy and the general principle of conducting rounds, including the installation of a bomb, which is called Spike.

In turn, thanks to the ideas of Valornt, CS GO adopted new mechanics for the location of the purchase window and a reduced number of rounds.

The project from Riot Games has its own mechanics for acquiring and increasing your rating, which will rise or fall depending on your successes and failures – the percentage of wins, the progress of each player, which will affect individual results.

If you are playing with five players, then you will only be matched with players who play with a similar composition, or 4+1, provided that the game has been looking for too long and there are simply no applicants.

If you want to immediately play against the best players and progress much faster, then your team may need the valorant carry service, with which professional players will help you get a high rank, and then you can test your skills, or improve them well, playing against really strong opponents.

Valorant has its own unique mechanics of agents and skills, which significantly change and distinguish the project from Riot Games from CS GO. CS 2, by the way, will in some places be more similar to Valorant – in this regard, the projects ended up borrowing from each other.

At the beginning of the game, each player chooses his character and receives some abilities that need to be updated or strengthened by killing other players and collecting spheres.

Skills can be of different types – installing difficult-to-pass obstacles, causing massive damage, reconnaissance of the area, and so on.

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If you do not buy skills or kill a sufficient number of enemies, then the hero’s effectiveness is greatly reduced – this is not CS GO, here the emphasis should be on the characteristics of the class, and not on ordinary shooting.

If you play as best you can and do not strive for progress, then in the near future you will have to order a valorant boosting service.

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2. CS GO, or CS 2

In the coming days, the release of CS 2 is expected – the continuation of CS GO on a new engine with many cosmetic and gameplay changes.

In terms of dynamics, this is the good old CS GO, with its matchmaking and many interesting modes for playing with a group of players.

If you are playing with five players, then first of all go play MM.

Why? There is a rating system, and they will always field a similar team of five players against you – this is the most interesting format, when you can fully simulate e-sports games, in the same format – with communication between each other, winning back in twos and threes and constantly practicing tactics, and not just shooting.

Don’t worry – at first you will be thrown against similar teams of your rank, and only when you effectively resist them and win more often will you be transferred to the next stage.


CS 2 does not yet provide a workshop with custom maps, but this will most likely change in the future.

You can have fun on custom maps for playthroughs in between operations and clear maps with bots, or shoot with each other on blast maps – where the winners play each other in a match where you need to win back with each type of weapon.

3. Dota 2

Despite the constant inflows and outflows of the online world, Dota still remains a relevant game in the MOBA genre.

You will choose one of 136 characters, combine their skills and roles with other allies and try to destroy the main building of the enemies, after first destroying the previous towers and enemies that get in their way.

The main thing is not to be greedy and play as a team, since all teams need support players, otherwise you can take 5 attacking players and have a minimal chance of success, due to poor defense and healing.

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Playing five players in Dota is just as interesting as playing CS GO, since it opens up more opportunities and chances, tactics and ideas, and unique combinations of heroes.


If there are four of you, not five, and a full-fledged MM in CS is available to you, but you don’t want to play with a random player, you can play PUBG, especially since it’s free now.

Land on the territory without equipment and look for weapons and ammunition, survive against other players.

Accumulate medicines and boosters to strengthen your characters, especially before the battle and immediately after, to restore combat effectiveness.

Use vehicles and terrain to conduct battles and remember that PUBG is based on the engine from ARMA, a famous military simulator, which means that despite the simplification of the gameplay, there are still a lot of options for tactical roleplaying.

It is best to immediately go into rating matches, where the opponents will be interesting and motivated to win, which will allow you to learn a lot and practice your team play.

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5. GTA V

Despite the fact that GTA is more about single player, in online mode there are very interesting heist mechanics that are specifically designed for 4 players.

If there are just that many of you, then you will enjoy the preparatory missions and the robbery itself, which will allow you to earn a lot of money.

The problem in GTA when playing alone is that game sessions are interrupted when one of the players exits or crashes, and you can easily lose the entire robbery and lose your money contribution due to a nervous player or poor Internet.

In addition to the robbery mechanics, there are many more modes for play and relaxation – starting from racing and continuing with joint travel around Los Angeles.

Players will also enjoy the format of doing business, when players can work in one company and earn dollars simply by completing orders, delivering cargo, or completing various assignments.

You may be disturbed by local NPCs or other players, for whom you will become a fair target when transporting valuable cargo.

All these actions will help you save up for expensive real estate, which will open up new heist mechanics through the acquisition of special buildings and equipment. All robberies are replayable and can bring in good money.

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